Yay my order arrived! ^O^

I was so happy when I got home from Sweden today! ^^ It feels like I have waited an eternity for this package… But now it's here :D *Celebrates*

My package contained:
Berryz 工房 Concert Tour – Medachitai! 2009 Aki
Buono! – We are Buono! [CD+DVD] Album

+ Japan Mini – Rilakkuma Strawberry Strap


Such gorgeous cover design~<3 ^0^

Got the Airi card, which of course is really pretty… but would really had liked the Momo card >O<,,, *sob*

Now to the album! Gosh it's heavy! I know it contains a DVD, but it stills weights a lot! :O I soon found out the reason: the photo book inside is crazy thick! :O Now I ordered their last album in regular edition but that photo book was so much thinner! O: (but of course, I don't complain! xD) While looking through the book I noticed a lot of solo photos of the members, so neat!! <3 I like the sofa pictures a lot and the out fits are just stunning!~ I like they both have a cool/rough look and a more cute/stylish look. They all look really beautiful~ ^  ^

Now the songs! ^o^
One Way = My Way A really nice catchy starting song :9 Thumbs up for that! ^^b And such an awesome title xD The song makes me really happy~
Our Songs Their newest single :) I like this song really much, I'm glad it's number two on the album ^O^ I just love love the chorus and the rock solo is just love<3<3 Airi sounds so good in this song :) (Another awesome song title!)
Independent Girl~独立女子であるために (dokuretsu joshi de aru tame ni) Whoa – ! Is this Buono!? xD This song has such a different sound to it! It's very rock/bad-ass/cool/tough type song, which so much equals awesomeness!!! >O< I must say it stand out on this album :O The guitar sounds so cool *O*
MY BOY Nothing beats this song – enough said ^O^
うらはら (Urahara) My favorite song on this album ~ahh I really like the easy breasy sound to this song!! It's both relaxing and rockish, great combo! xD The song title means "Opposite" or "Contrary" ;3 Neat~
Take It Easy! Yay the nice heart-warming sound continues in this wonderful lovely summer song<3 ^^ This songs just keeps getting better every time I hear it, and of course makes me take it easy and just relax :D The ultimate vacation song! Imo ^o^; Wee~
Bravo☆Bravo This song really gives a cheering feeling ne? ^^ I always feel in high spirits after listening to this :)
カタオモイ (Kataomoi) I love Momo's low toned voice in the intro of this song<3 The songs means "Unrequited Love" and makes me really curious too read a translation of this song xD Another cool guitar solo for this song ^o^ They sing really well in this song too~ ^O^
Blue-Sky-Blue Wow such a different sound too… I really like the light voices they make in the intro of every verse in the beginning of the song, sounds really nice *3* I just love the slow tempo rock ballad styled songs, some how they tend to make the biggest impressions on me, they are just so different from Buono's usual style in single songs ^^b Got to love the title of this song too<3 ~o~
紅茶の美味しい店 (koucha no oishii mise) Yay – an R&B style song xD Well at any rate the chorus verses :P Wish they did more songs in this style<3 The song title means "Delicious Black Tea Shop" wtf?! XD Would like to read a translation of this song too!
タビダチの歌 (Tabidachi no uta) Nice~ acoustic guitar ;D a good song too, the title sounds familiar (think Arashi has a song with the same title ^^) The ending of the song has a little bit Arashi sound to it too! (think it's the violin) XD Lol. The ~la la la~ part always gets my approval of course ;3
We are Buono!~Buono!のテーマ (Buono! no Theme) Wow! This song sounds so much better in the album version! :O When I listened to this song on youtube I didn't understand why everyone was so crazy about this song, but now I get it! xD Haha It has true Buono spirit~ ^  ^ a great song to end this amazing album :D
Rating: 9/10 stars ;3 Because the album has so many great songs, there's not a single song I would skip while listening to this wonder disc<3 ;D

Top 10 favorite performances in the concert:
  1. VERY BEAUTY (Momoko's solo)
  2. Halation Summer (Saki, Maasa, Momoko and Risako)
  3. Baka ni Shinaide (Miyabi, Risako, Yurina and Saki)
  4. Jingisukan (with rap interlude)
  5. Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama
  6. The Special Medley
  7. Otoko no Ko (Miyabi and Yurina)
  8. Ohiru No Kyuukei Jikan (Chinami solo)
  9. Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba (Miyabi, Chinami and Maasa)
  10. Munasawagi Scarlet

  Funny I always get Korilakkuma… ~O~;

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A long awaited order arrives… ~*O*~

I've waited over a month for this order! Normally it only take 7-14 days for delivery for Yesasia, it's probably the wild winter weather we have had recently which slowed it down -_- But now I've finally received the wonderful goodies, I'm going to gush very very much over it ^O^ heheh ;)

My order consist of

  • Ranie's brand new album: Rainie & Love…?
  • The highly acclaimed Arashi concert: ARASHI Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo
  • The epic Berryz vs. C-ute concert in Nakayoshi: Berryz Koubou & C-ute Nakayoshi Battle Concert Tour 2008 (Berryz Kamen version)
  • Extra: Japan Mini – Rilakkuma Maskot Wall Pocket Christmas
I was really REALLY happy when I finally got to open up these little treasures! I opened the Rainie album first:

I was totally taken aback by the beautiful cover with Rainie<3 How can a gal be that pretty?! xD

I've never purchased a album in such a different shape and style! It's absolutely stunning! I got 4 postcards for her new drama "Hi! My Sweetheart!", I think they were randomly selected, because some of them were a little funny ^^; I'm totally in love with the booklet – it's baby pink!!!<3 I adore the "rain" theme, she looks good damn gorgeous in that white dress! The umbrella handle was decorated with white little pearls – LOVE!! And then, they have somehow managed to make the rain look pink, it's so girly and pretty<3 ;3

Now to the songs.
The first track I've already heard many times in the new drama – "Yu Ai" but now listening to the full version and in much better quality, I think the song is even better! It's such a beautiful song<3 ^^ The second song "In Your Eyes" is a duet with Show Luo (the guy who plays the male protagonist in Hi! My Sweetheart) and when I heard it the very first time, I had a little shock, because I didn't expect a male voice just after the first song! Lol xD But the song was pretty nice, but not something special :)
The third song ROCKS! XD "Tick Tock (Beat The Clock)" is such a cool song and reminds me of electro pop! (and the tick tock part reminds me of "What Are You Waiting For" by Gwen Stefani!) Probably my favorite song on the whole album! :O
Then the three following songs are all ballads – very normal Rainie songs – but otherwise fantastic as always<3
The seventh song "On The Beat" also has a quite different style than her previous songs. It's an up-beat, cute and very much hilarious song :D I really like it, at any rate one of my favorite songs<3 ^o^
The eight song "Jue Dui Da Ling" has a somewhat acoustic feel to it? It sounds really lovely and is a very relaxed song – also one of the top songs on this album ;3
The lyrics for the ninth song "Love Rocks" are really crazy! In the chorus Rainie sings in such a fast pace that it on some point sounds like pure gibberish (maybe because I don't understand Chinese? lol) but it actually make the song stand out and after hearing a couple of times, it's a really great and neat song<3 ^o^b Also one of my favorites.
The tenth song plays so suddenly you can't believe it XD Haha The final song on the album "Er Du Lian Ai" is (surprisingly) a ballad song ^3^ It's a pretty song, but then again – she has done so many ballads now, it's not the most sensational song on the album. If you know what I mean? ^-^; But still a nice song :)
My final opinion of this album is: Fantastic album – my favorite of the whole bunch!<3 :D
(Always wanted to do this –>) Rating: 9/10 ~

Berryz KamenBerryz Kamen 3-ninKanna RangerMomo KamenBerryz Kamen Concert

Afterwards, I opened the Berryz/C-ute concert DVD, and as always the cover is in a smooth quality~ (wonderful, wonderful ^O^) Watched it this evening, and I got to describe it with one word: EPIC!
When Berryz and C–ute perform with combined power, it gets on a totally different level :O They look so good together xD But then the concert also made me a little sad, because Kanna and Erika still were a part of the group, I couldn't stop thinking about the new 5-nin group… How I wished they still were together… T-T *sob* Love Kanna-chan so much! >o< The Berryz Kamen and C-ute Ranger "play" was really funny, I enjoyed it very much :D

Then I opened the Arashi Around ASIA concert DVD<3 The bluish cover is transparent, and the yellow color of the A is actually provided by the yellow booklet inside the dvd! :O Such a cool detail XD Now I haven't watched it yet, but it has received so many great comment from other fans, I have a feeling it's going to be a awesome concert! ^O^ Well, when Nino-kun is performing, all it's perfect ^#^

The last thing I opened was the Japan Mini toy, which came as and extra goodie from Yesasia ^^ I choose a Christmas themed Rilakkuma toy<3 Then I can use it next Xmas ^O^

 All in all, a great batch this month!! x3

Look forward to the new Buono! album and Berryz concert next month! ^^

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My orders have arrived! XD Yatta yatta ~ yay yay!!! (^o^)/

Wow this was really unexpected! I got BOTH orders delivered to my door at the SAME day! And the shipping periods were very different from each other, but what the heck, I'm not complaining! XD  

Berryz Koubou Summer Concert DVD 2007:

I watched the dvd the same day with my twin sister, and it was so good! X3 Really, Momoko, Miyabi, Risako, Saki, Yurina, Chinami and Maasa did a really good job! XD It was energetic, sweet, sugoi, lovely and great entertaining at the same time!!! I can't wait to the next time I'll watch this concert movie again (and that will be pretty soon! XD) ~kya! <3 It would have been a lot better if the dvd also followed with English subtitles, when there's MC breaks between the song performances… ^_^, 

Momo 16 – Momoiro – Photo Book:

Momoko takes really stunning pictures, I love her! XD <3<3 There's so many wonderful summer pictures, and her wonderful kawaii smile takes your breath away! X) I love the pictures where she have shorts with braces on and the summer hat on her head X3 Zutto kawaii nee! And the dvd who follows with the book is also very sweet, Momoko always makes you laugh! ^O^ I just wished it had English subtitles… -_-; Sigh.  

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