Edward Furlong ♥

Gosh I've fangirled about this guy resently xD C3

I've been so crazy about Edward Furlong that I actually bought his album and a single released only in Japan~ :O

Edward Furlong CD's 001
I know – I'm crazy xD But I did say fangirling *ω*

Hold On Tight - Cover Edward Furlong CD's 011
Edward Furlong CD's 012 Edward Furlong CD's 013
I bought his album "Hold On Tight" and the very rare single "I'll Be Waiting (Cupid Mix)" (seriously, I think I got the very last left on the internet! xD) Edward Furlong CD's 003 Edward Furlong CD's 004
Edward Furlong CD's 007 Edward Furlong CD's 009
The single is one of those old-fashioned 3-inch CDs, really small and cute actually~ The snap-pack cover is really pretty, I like the fact that they included a little valentine letter from Eddie<3 ^^  Edward Furlong CD's 014

Edward Furlong CD's 015 Edward Furlong CD's 016 Edward Furlong CD's 017
The pictures included in the booklet to "Hold On Tight" are really goofy, but cute at the same time ^ω^  But the pictures with him in the leather jacket are pretty cool ;D

Now the songs! ^o^  

01. Right For Me

Nice starter track, I really like the mood of the song ^^

02. I Don't Know What I'd Do

This track is pretty cool :3 I like when he sings 'Cause I'm in love with you baby… But I don't know how to say it to you~ But on the other side it's a little comical that he keeps singing I wanna talk to you baby, I wanna walk with you baby and so on. I don't know, it just sound a little funny xD Eddie sounds cute when he sings Yeah~ with his hoarse teenage voice <3

03. Give Your Heart To Me

This song has a more rock feel to it ^^ You could say it's the bad boy song on the album ;D Lol I think it's cool ^^

04. When The Sun Goes Down

 A love ballad :) I think it's the song where you hear Furlong's voice most clearly. I don't know why, but this song really touches my heart xD The lyrics are really nice…  Sigh -  I  just love Edward Furlong so much <3 

05. I'll Be Waiting

This song is really catchy~ I'll be waiting to lead you through the dark, I'll be waiting to find it in your heart~ Oh yeah! There even exists a "cupid" version, which you can listen to if you scroll farther down the page ^^ 

06. Hold On Tight (Special Album Version)

The title track! :D I think this song's the best on the whole album. It's just genius ^O^ The single release of this song actually beat Whitney Houston's major hit "I Will Always Love You" on the number one spot on the glorious Oricon chart in Japan, whoa! This say a lot about the power of Japanese girl fandom! Lol~

07. People Are Strange

This is a cover of The Doors' People Are Strange, and I think it reminds me very much of the cover Echo and the Bunnymen did in The Lost Boys soundtrack from 1987. It's a pretty cool song, but not as interesting as the other songs on this album ^ ^

08. It's Christmas Time

There has been thought of anything to this album, even a Christmas song! To all of you who love or can't wait for Christmas to come, this must be perfect xD As for a Christmas song, this song isn't all that christmassy. I enjoy listening to this even though there still are about two months left to December ;)

Download Hold On Tight (If you liked what you heard, please download his wonderful album!)

I really like Eddie's album, even though I'm completely aware of that his singing skills aren't the best. I still think the songs are incredibly catchy, as I've found myself listening to the album nonstop ever since I found and bought it. It's like the songs grow better and better the more times I listen to them. At first, I thought something like: Oh, these songs are really goofy, but I'll give them a listen anyway. Now I'm like: It's rediculous how much I love these songs! xD

If I should make a list over my favorite songs from the album it would look like this:

  1. Hold On Tight
  2. Give Your Heart To Me
  3. I'll Be Waiting
  4. When The Sun Goes Down
  5. Right For Me
  6. I Don't Know What I'd Do
  7. It's Christmas Time
  8. People Are Strange

The title song "Hold On Tight" are just great. Love it so much! \(¯     ω ¯)/ LOL XD

Here are the songs from the special single release of I'll Be Waiting


01 I'll Be Waiting (Cupid Mix)

I feels like you hear Eddie's voice more clearly in this version than the normal version. It's also longer, as it has the really nice opening chorus added in the beginning of the song.  Overall I really enjoy this version <3

02 Hold On Tight ~ I Don't Know What I'd Do ~ Right For Me ~ Give Your Heart To Me (Everyday's Valentine Medley)

This medley is long (but aren't all medleys like that?) I think the beginning with Hold On Tight are so awesome, and generally this medley is nice if you want to listen to all his love songs together ^o^

03 I'll Be Waiting (Instrumental Version)

Now YOU can sing I'll Be Waiting~ ;D 

Download I'll Be Waiting (Cupid Mix)

I'm really happy I bought this single. It's a really nice version of his song I'll Be Waiting and the medley and the instrumental are some nice extras ^^ It's also amazing to see how much work the Japanese put into a little single release like this.  It's incredible! I love Japanese fan-service (it's with no doubt about it the best fan-service in the world!) :D

Now I only need to buy Edward Furlong's photobook, then I  truly can call myself an obsessed fan – LOL! xD Edward Furlong PB