My Japanese school bag has arrived!!

My mom woke me up early today (it was Saturday) because the post man had delivered a package to our house – to me! It was my Japanese school bag!! I had ordered a Candy Sugar school bag on the Internet site because I wanted a new bag, when I begin in High School after summer vacation, and here it is! It's really adorable I love it so much! And there followed a P.E. bag in the package, which didn't show on the site – sugee! XD I can't wait to use it in the new school year, I'm sure there won't be others with the same bag ;P

Candy Sugar School Bag1Candy Sugar BrandCandy Sugar Pencil CaseCandy Sugar LogoCandy Sugar RibbonMin japanske skoletaske 005

 There also followed a cute pencil case in pink, small and handy to hold your pencils ;D Now I only need a Japanese school calendar XD

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Nobuta POWER Chunyuu! <3

I finished this drama yesterday, it was really lovely ^o^ At first the drama was really sad, when Nobuko Kotani was bullied by her classmates, but it really changed for the better when Shuuji and Akira tried to help her by making her popular! XD I really liked the sweet story of friendship, even though I as always had liked to see a little more love between the characters <3 >o<, (heh) I was really impressed, that Yamapi could play such a dorky character so well, and Maki Horikita could play such a withdrawn person (after watching her in Hana-Kimi!) :O

I didn't know Kame before I watched this show, he was good at playing his character too! It was nice to watch how his character got to be a better and better person ^___^  The part where Akira's character got really selfish, because he suddenly wanted Nobuta all for himself, was really interesting XD To bad he got guilty conscience and gave up on her, because he felt he didn't deserve her… v_v, (He's just such a good person!)

And I loved the whole "pig/nobuta" idea, and Akira's "kon kon!" (so cute!) And I mustn't forget "Nobuta POWER Chunyuu!" this was the best part of it all! Truly amazing series<3 I found out that you can buy the same school bags as they have in the drama on the Internet! :O Sugee! But I ended up ordering another brand called "Candy Sugar" because the size was bigger and it looked better ^_~ I think it will soon get shipped, I can't wait XD

Well back to Nobuta XD I truly loved the ending song with Yamapi and Kame, really amazing!! And the bagground music as well, was really good too. <3 You can listen to the ending song  here:

I would wish that Shuuji to Akira had done more songs than just one, but they haven't… *Sigh*

But I have listened to some of Yamapi's NewS songs, and now I'm really crazy about NewS!! XD They just make amazing music - that's all X3

Here are more pictures from the series:



And then I found these moving gif pictures of "Nobuta POWER Chunyuu!" they are so CUTE! <3 XD










And then I also found some with "Kon Kon" Yamapi XD









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