I really can't wait for this movie to come out!

The movie is called Gantz and is a two part live-action adaption of Oku Hiroya's manga series by the same name.

Part 1 and 2 of the Gantz movie will be released in spring and winter of 2011.

It's such a long time >O<;,,, Sigh

I'm actually so inpatient that I've begun reading the manga xD (I'm at chapter 172 already! :O)

I'm so happy Nino is playing the main role Kurono – he fits those complex characters, and I think he will be able the play Kurono's selfish side perfectly. And then Ninomiya Kazunari is simply just a GREAT actor~ love him<3 ^O^

I think Kenichi Matsuyama and Natsuna fits Katou and Kei Kishimoto really well~ at any rate, they look like the manga characters! :D (I'm just curious about their fates in the movie compared to the manga *-*)

Hongo Kanata playing Nishi is just the best casting I've ever seen – is their a person who can play this dark and creepy character it's Kanata! xD I can't wait to see him in the movie<3<3

I think it's a little weird Sakurai and Yoshikazu is included in part 1 of the Gantz movies, as they appear much later in the manga. And the same with the vampire guys in the train scene (from the trailer). But I think the guy they casted to play Sakurai is really cute and fits the character really well :3 But I hope they include Sakata (Sakurai's sensei) now when Sakurai is in the movie :/

I think Yoshitaka is a okay choice for Tae, but I probably would have chosen another actor, but lets see… :)

I hope these characters will get appearances in either the first Gantz movie or the next xD The vampires are quite cool and Reika got to have a role in these movies! 

There hasn't been released a full trailer yet of the first Gantz movie, but a teaser and a short trailer has been released :)

The movie looks amazing just from watching these short clips xD I'm so excited!~ It really looks like the vampires are included in the first movie by the looks of the train scene *O* This just doesn't make sense, as it's much later in the manga xD Oh, well they always have to mix the storyline anyway. I just hope it will be some good changes which make the movie work and not the other way around :/

In the last video the hosts say that all the actors needed to have 10 suits each and that each Gantz suits cost 5,000 USD! XD That's really crazy! :O But they also look very cool ;D I almost wanna try one myself  ^  ^

Even though the manga is very violent and sometimes too ecchi (for my taste xP) it's really an amazing manga with a very fast-paced storytelling~ ^ ^ And maybe it's sometimes not healthy for too sensitive souls >O< There's much death I tell ya @O@ But still it's a series you can't let go of as soon as one starts reading XD As it's very captivating~

 Read it here~

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Finally it’s here!

GOTH is finally gets English subtitles on an UK release!!

They have given the movie the title: "GOTH – Love of Death" Sounds a little bit cheesy, liked the simple title better. But it doesn't really matter of course ;) What matters is the COVER! And here it is:

Personally I liked the Japanese version a lot better! This cover is just plain ugly.. Why choose such an unimportant picture?? Well they probably tried to make the movie look more like a HORROR film… What a shame :/

But I can't be complaining now. It's already made it to Europe, that's just the best! XD Yay

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