『cha cha SING』 Summer song of 2012!

It’s been awhile since Berryz came out with a really catchy song, but this time is certainly different! Their new single is making me go wild, and I must say it’s one of my favourite summer jams this year. It may be a cover of a Thai singer, but so was Jingiskan and that was a big hit. It seems like Berryz can pull of nice covers, almost better than the originals (my biased opinion yes).

Regarding the PV, I think it’s very bright and colorful and fits the song perfectly. Pictures suggested a flash-mob scene would be included in the PV, but unfortunately that was probably only promotion for the single… To bad really. As for the outfits I like how they all look like Thai (or maybe even Indian) princesses, as well as their individual hairstyles look amazing. Especially Risako’s and Miyabi’s hairstyle caught my attention (btw, didn’t Miyabi cut her hair? oOo).

I’m looking forward to watching Momo’s solo PV now! It’s probably going to be pink and flawless ~

Hopefully it will be up on Berryz’ channel soon.