My Birthday

Today it's my 16th birthday ^__^

Look what I got!

My Nintendo DS lite in pinkMy Nintendo DS lite in pink2My Nintendo DS lite in pink1

A pink Nintendo DS lite!!! XD Yatta! It's so cool! I can't wait to I get my first game to it, I have ordered the game "Nintendogs: Labrador and Friends" ^__^ So now I can only wait for it to be delivered to my house, nee? It's so exciting!

Tomy-san saying Happy BirthdayTomy-san saying Happy Birthday1My birthday cardsBirthday card from my sister

Here is Tomy-san again saying "Tillykke med fødselsdagen" which means "Happy Birthday" in Danish ^_^ There are also some pictures of my birthday cards :D I especially love the one from my twin sister XD The weather were lovely today, maybe because I've been a good girl? ;P haha..

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