Sexy Second

DSC03393I was lucky to receive Sexy Zone’s second album Sexy Second on the release day! How awesome is that? So I thought I would make a first impression review right away here on my blog.


1. Sexy Second(Introduction)
This instrumental opening was very orchestral and grand! Something I didn’t really expect, but I think it was a nice surprise and gave a unique intro to the next opening song.
2. We Gotta Go
I’ve already listened to the previews of this song many times, but was really impressed with the full song! It has such a fresh sound to it, which I love. Also, the lyrics is so energetic and happy, I can’t help feeling all set to go somewhere (haha). All in all a really good album start track!
3. Butsukacchauyo (ぶつかっちゃうよ)
Hahaha! This song! Soooo crazy! The tempo of this song was veeery upbeat and the lyrics so funny! Also, the song title’s meaning “I’ll bump into you” is just too comical. However, it fits the crazy lyrics with all their repetitiveness and madness. But overall, this song sounds different from Sexy Zone’s usual songs, so I like it! Also I have a feeling it will be stuck in my head pretty soon too (haha).
DSC034054. 4 Seasons
This was a nice -more relaxed- song after the overly upbeat song, which came before. I almost felt like on summer vacation while listening to this, feeling like  I was relaxing on the beach or something like that! I’m not sure why (haha). Overall a good song, but mostly FumaKen dominant throughout though. I think it will grow on me, probably.
Well have listened many times to this song already (of course). It’s definitely a song which has gotten better with more listens. As I wrote in my review of Sexy Zone’s Japan Tour from 2013, I’ve come to quite like this song, in spite of the lack of two very important members. It has a cool “rock” sound to it, which isn’t that typical for Sexy Zone songs I think.
DSC034046. Ghost ~Kimi wa Maboroshi~ (Ghost~君は幻~)
Wow. This song was damn good! I loved the beat of the instrumental and the interesting theme of ghosts (haha). I’m very interested in watching them perform this live, especially with the dubstep parts and all! Uwaa~ I think I like this song the best so far!
7. Congratulations
Love this song. Actually I loved it from the first listen. I know some people say it doesn’t sound like a Sexy Zone song and all that, but why should they continue to just always sound the same? I think the message and heart of this song is beautiful and I think there are also some pretty awesome vocals delivered here from all three members. Yet again, would have been even better if Marius and Sou were in it too, but well, nothing I can do about that. *sigh*
8. Bye Bye Du Bye~See you again~ (バイバイDuバイ~See you again~)
Love this song as well. I remember being all, Dubai? Why Dubai? When I first listened to it, but I’ve really come to love this song. I don’t know, I like the theme of friendship apparent, when they perform this and how they included arabic phrases! Also I like the whole “eastern” sound to it, if that makes any sense? (haha). Then of course, it’s also incredibly catchy like all the past Sexy Zone singles!
9. Shout!!
Well, this is one of the more plain songs of the new album imo. I don’t know, it just doesn’t do anything for me (as of now). I wonder if it will get better with more listens? Right now it’s just boring for me, sorry.
DSC0340710. Soba ni iru yo (そばにいるよ)
This was almost a FumaKen duet (only, Shori had one solo line, but who can tell? lol) and a really lovely ballad song! I think I’ve heard some preview of it from Johnny’s World 2020, because especially the introduction sounded very familiar! However, as I wrote earlier, this is a really good ballad with some good vocals from Fuma and Kento. I don’t know what more to write… no lines from Marius and Sou, from what I could hear… again. *sigh*
11. Be Free
Uwaa~ so funky! This song almost sounded like a song that could be on Arashi’s new album (haha). It’s very mature somehow! I like how Shori got so many solo parts, yay! And overall this song had a nice beat/rythm and so on. I think they could do a really cool dance for this song as well! Kyaa~ *already excited*
12. Real Sexy!
Yeah, well another song I’ve heard many times now. I think this song got a lot better with more listens as well, but I feel like I need a little break from it, perhaps (haha). Otherwise a good song. It’s cute~
DSC0340913. Doki Doki Break Out!! (ドキドキBreak Out!!)
So different from what I imagined from the title! I imagined this song to be more of a cute pop song, but turned out a lot more like a rock-type song. So very surprised. Apart from that I think it was an interesting song… sort of weird even. But in a good way, I think? Hmm… this will take more than one listen for me to decide on! So far I like it though.
Aww this song… brings back good memories from the drama series 49 with Shori. I think Shori’s intro lines are so adorable in this song – melts my heart every time really. Half of this song is basically a Shori solo! (lol) I don’t mind it though~ The song itself is not that amazing, but I think because it’s tied with a good drama and Shori’s charm, it’s still awesome!
DSC0341115. Watashi no Okite (私のオキテ)
This song is just made of awesome! (hahaha). I loved it in 49, but it’s even better in full version! Not only is the concept of the song really interesting (boys working part-time at a host club in girls clothes) and the song very catchy, but the lyrics are really something too. A part of the lyrics says: “If you say I’m ugly, I’ll kill you” (lol). And there are many other funny parts in this song. In a way, I just find it fantastic they included this song on the album – thank you Johnny-san! A great bonus track for us fans indeed.
DSC03412 Well now I will talk about my overall opinion of the album!
First the positive… I think it’s great to hear how much the group’s sound has matured with this album. Somehow their first album seems a little immature now, after listening to this. But alright, that also makes a lot sense with this being over a year after their first album. I liked how this album tried out other sounds, instead of just staying with Sexy Zone’s typical genki, cute, catchy pop sound (or what I should call it haha). Songs like 4 Seasons, Celebration and Be Free definitely had a more mature sound to them. Butsukacchauyo and Ghost ~Kimi wa Maboroshi~ was very energetic like usual Sexy Zone, but still had a different sound and style to them, which I really liked. Then we had a few ballad songs, which sadly didn’t come close to Kimi to… Milky way at all, but that’s also kind of tough to beat.
Then to the negative (sorry), but where were Sou and Marius in this album? I swear if you thought they weren’t much present in their first album, they are nearly completely absent in this album *cries* Well, I guess I should have expected as much from the resent trend in Sexy Zone but STILL. The only songs I could hear their voices a little tiny bit was in the songs 4 Seasons, Ghost ~Kimi wa Maboroshi~, the first line in Shout!! and maybe a little bit in Doki Doki Break Out!! of the new songs. So disappointing.
Apart from that I really liked the new album. It contains a lot of great new songs, which I’m sure to listen to many times from now on and in all eternity! (haha). I also look very much forward to watching them perform the new songs in their spring tour beginning soon (I think?). Going to be awesome! Yay~
Here are more pictures of the album. I really like the look of it! Especially the theme with the door and the blue sky, so pretty! And got Sou’s photo card as you can see.

Will talk about the DVD material soon!


Sexy Zone: A new era has begun

Only 1102 copies made the difference! :O

Today these lovely boys set a new record on their own by being the youngest group ever – with an average age of 14.4 – to debut at number #1 on the weekly Oricon charts, wee~! I’m really happy they made it as it was a really close race between Sexy Zone and AKB sub-unit Not yet–>

So a big congratulations to Sexy Zone!! ^O^ I have actually attributed a little to this success story myself, as I bought a copy of their single (Limited version C) as well. Got a nice little photo book and a big beautiful B2 sized poster with it ~yay~ and then I also got the awesome C-side song Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! ^–^








This song is just pure win as Marius has a lot of awfully cute English lines here and there throughout the song :D (will get back to it later in the post)
Listen for yourself to see what I mean ^^

I really think this is a great debut single. The main song Sexy Zone is a really catchy song overflowing with youthfulness which just makes my heart flutter and fills me with uplifting emotions ☼ ♪♪ ^o^ My favourite part is the beginning and ending of the song, where they sing: Sora ni kazashita te no hira (the palm I hold up against the sky) ~ It just sounds so epic – like they are able to do anything if they just do their best and don’t give up. I also love the part where Shori whispers Sexy Rose; sounds sexy~ ;P Then there are also parts where they sing: Sexy jidai wo tsukuridasu – Atarashii Age e – Kore kara hajimaru  Sexy Zone (let’s create a sexy era – to a new age – it begins from here, Sexy Zone). I think these lyrics is really fitting for this group as I’m convinced great things await them in the future :O The B-side With You is a lovely song as well and starts out with nice solo verses from Kento and Fuma soon followed by the cute, young voices of their kouhais; Shori, Sou and Marius~♥ This song has a more grown up feel to it and has a great bridge with Sou and Marius singing a solo verse together of nearly heavenly proportion x_x ~♥ xD You can understand what I mean by checking out the performance below ^^

The second C-side is called I See The Light ~Bokura no Stage~ and is a nice and calming ending track to this single. There are some really great harmonies in this song as well as a nice instrumental who makes an overall very enjoyable song. Maybe it’s not as catchy as the other three songs, but I like it because it is different in musical style and feel. A nice little surprise :3  Still I will have to admit that my favourite C-side is without a doubt Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!. It’s just such a hilarious and ridiculously catchy song with funny, failed English phrases like: Knock!! Knock!! Knock!! Who’s there? We are Sexy Zone! and Mirai wo Knock! Knock!! and so on xD As well as an 11-year-old boy singing come on! with possibly the cutest kid voice ever x__x ♥ Sigh~ (Yes I’m a big sucker for cute kids… ^   v^;) But otherwise the song reminds me of naff western kid’s music from early 2000 like this for example (a Danish boy band) xD Lol. So this single is a nice mix of cute, cool, fun, relax and weird :P A great mix indeed!

And now I would like to comment on the PV of Sexy Zone :)

Just in case the above video gets deleted or removed by the user, try this video instead:

[PV]Sexy Zone – Sexy Zone
I think they made a pretty nice PV for this song. It has all a Johnny’s PV needs: cute boys (check), bright colored clothes (check), a lot of Johnny’s Jr. back-up dancers (check), a handsome dance choreography (check), beautiful CGI background (check), red  roses (check) and Marius Yo … erh I meant a flying castle (check) xD  And I have to mention some of those back dancers are insane i.e. the guy spinning on his head like forever o_o and a lot of crazy stunt flips etc. I don’t understand how they do it! But apart from the back dancers I just love love the choreography and the whole rose thing going on. It’s both clique but at the same time really romantic and adorable ♥ And then the scene with them singing inside a glass cabinet is just gorgeous *o* Great work Johnny-san ;D

I will finish this blog post with picture spam of the members ^^

I LOVE SHORI AND MARIUS SO MUCH XoX ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ *dies*